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Why me? How many times have you asked yourself this before finding this site? I don't know my exact number before writing this message, but I do know I said it many times throughout my journey to motherhood and better health. I have been on the greatest path I could take to pull myself through the pain of my recurrent miscarriages (insert others: fertility struggles, PCOS, endometriosis, failed IUI and/or IVF attempts or a combination of them all) and turn the chapter towards becoming a mother-a mother to myself first.  

We all know becoming a mother to another life, whether it's to a baby, an animal, to a beloved adult, or to an organization is a self-less act of unconditional love.  One that is forever present and often puts our needs second place (or third or fourth).  And sometimes that's okay.  Sometimes it's okay to feed your dog breakfast before yourself or get your child dressed before yourself or take your grandmother to the hairdresser before you've brushed your own hair.  A lot of times putting yourself second may bring you great joy or pride, but what if you only help others and you start to forget about helping yourself first?

You may even start to resent taking care of you, believing it takes up too much time or nothing works for you and your lost cause.  I know I've told that story before.  But we all know the example all too well of when flying.  If the oxygen masks are needed during a flight, to secure yours first before assisting anyone else.  But what if we acted how we do in every day life and ran around putting everyone else's masks on and then inevitably running out of time to put on our own,collapsing, out of air.  That's what we have done to ourselves and it makes it very difficult to live a healthy life.  

Now I know you may have a moment (because I had many) thinking I've known so many stressed women who have had a healthy baby.  And that's totally understandable to let that make you angry and resentful.  But when your faced head on with fertility challenges, you must realize you are on your own journey and the only mom-to-be-one-day you need to take care of right now is YOU.  I have spent many months struggling with that thought during my miscarriages, but once I finally recognized that I had the ability to improve my health, strengthen my fertility and change my whole was time to move forward and get to work.


Mother Yourself First is here to give you the opportunity to believe in your body again, free your mind to think with peace, and open your soul to be guided by love.  This journey is meant to be a blessing.  A chance for you to view your fertility and health obstacles and see them as opportunities to improve the parts in your life that needed some re-adjusting and love.  The 21-Day Reset is a process because life is ever flowing and the goal is not just a baby.  The goal is to start living your life with love and to give love to all that you want to mother in life.  So let's get started and  mother yourself first.  


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