How to Manage your Healthy Diet while Minimizing your Grocery Runs

So we are all still staying at home, trying to stay healthy and sane during this crazy time. I know I am on week four of quarantine and about ready to break into alllll of the frozen pizzas. Maintaining a healthy diet has always been important to me, especially during times of wanting to get pregnant and even post-partum. I usually keep mainly fresh produce in the house so I am not tempted to over-indulge or snack on over-processed foods, but when trying to minimize my visits to the store, it makes it difficult to keep fresh food in the house.

Fortunately, many of us have the ability to buy frozen foods and get a little more creative in the kitchen with minimal ingredients and limited time (hello mamas who already have a little one(s) running around the house! I have found the best balance between keeping meals healthy while allowing myself little indulgences on the way. I mean, let’s be honest, some of these uncertain times make you just want to binge watch shows and binge eat popcorn and drink wine. Quarantine is about balance right now, not being perfect-just like your health and fertility!

Here are my three tips to stocking up at the grocery store so you can survive and thrive for over two weeks without another visit!

1) FROZEN VEGGIES- As much as I love fresh produce, frozen veggies, especially organic, are everything right now. There are so many options to keep a variety of nutrient dense, immune boosting vegetables in your freezer that you can pull out for any meal. My favorites are French green beans as an easy side, broccoli and carrots to use for a stir fry and cauliflower, brussel sprouts and squash to roast in the oven. Warm, cooked vegetables are so nutritious for your body and definitely help with improving your fertility. A tip I just learned for cooking frozen veggies in the oven-heat the sheet pan in the oven while the oven pre-heats and then just drizzle with olive oil and salt, they are delicious!

2) FROZEN PROTEIN-Freeze the chicken and turkey, buy the frozen salmon and cod. There are sooo many good fish recipes on Pinterest to make an easy and healthy meal. Want to go even one step further, make a frozen crock pot meal so you can keep it simple and easy in the kitchen for the day. Some of my favorite are on Pinterest-just search frozen crock pot meals!

3) PANTRY STAPLES-Some long-shelf life items are great to have on hand so you can make your own snacks and replenish easily. Here are my pantry staples right now:

-gluten free oatmeal~for breakfast oats, pancakes and homemade granola bars

-almond butter~for smoothies and toast

-chia and flax seeds~for smoothies and granola bars

-gluten free pasta~add some veggies and ground turkey meatballs for a satisfying meal

-jasmine rice

-avocado oil~for cooking

-canned wild caught tuna

-avocado mayo

Remember to stay focused on what you can control right now and to release the rest. Enjoy making yourself and your family healthy meals to remind yourself that you do have control over improving your health and fertility right now.

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