Meditation to Release Anger

Most days I wake-up feeling fairly grounded and ready to start the day with a positive attitude. This has come from many years of practicing meditation and daily gratitude. We all know that when you take time to focus on yourself, get silent with your thoughts and bring a lot of deep breaths into your day, life flows with you.

However, I have also found that life still happens with certain events or people causing us to become irritated or even angry. And even will all the meditation I do, my blood still boils if I don't agree with someone or an event doesn't go the way I had planned. My fears, judgements, and ego all jump on the band wagon together and race off on a ride of fury. It's not a pretty road to go down, and I never feel good when the journey is over. However, I finally found a way to channel that heated, frustrated energy.

I don't believe in ignoring any any emotions and find that expressing them in a safe way is the quickest way to bring you back to peace and love. The meditation I have been practicing the most lately is where I put a timer on for 10 minutes, listen to music that is just rain falling or the ocean waves to help me zone out, and write down everything that is making me angry. EVERYTHING. I know what I write down will not be read by anyone else, I will not reread it to judge myself so I just let the pen flow. It can be about any one who is bothering me, it can be how upset I am with myself for acting a certain way towards my husband, or it can just be about how angry I get with the state of the world. It is a full on rant and it is totally welcome. For 10 minutes straight. You can go up to 20 minutes if you need more time, that is totally fine too! Then when the timer goes off, I set it for another 10 minutes, leave the music going, put down my pen and paper, and breathe.

I meditate for 10 more minutes, sitting in gratitude for allowing myself to release what is not serving me, leaving it all on the page for now. When that timer goes off again, I ALWAYS feel better. It doesn't mean that it solves all of my anger problems right away, but I have to say most of the time it brings a lot of relief. I can see more clearly where my rage is really coming from and the meditation allows me to choose again. I feel like I had my feelings validated and often I am able to find solutions to them too.

I recommend you try this without worrying about the outcome. Just get your notebook out and start writing. Don't hold back. Let the anger flow through you, knowing that as it pours out it will leave your body with more space to release it all.

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