The 3 Incredible Products that Healed Me After Miscarriage

When you go through a miscarriage, it is so isolating for so many of us because we never tell anyone or at least a small amount of people what we are going through. You are hurting mentally and physically, suffering from a true loss that no one gives you any guidance on how to heal from after you leave the doctor's office.

I am dedicated to serving you women with the best information and resources I can provide to help you move forward. From infertility, from miscarriage, from motherhood struggles, all of it. It is a continuous journey to mother yourself. However, there are some great companies and products out there to support you during these challenging times. I am very ready to share more of what I used to heal (and STILL use as a new mother who suffered from perinatal mood and anxiety disorder).

1) Castor Oil and a hot water bottle

Castor oil rubbed into your stomach during miscarriage can actively help break up any blood clots stuck in your uterus and help keep the blood flowing. It is one of the kindest things you can do for your body to help heal. The heat allows the castor oil to be easily absorbed into the skin. I recommend rubbing a small amount on your lower stomach, covering it with a wash cloth and then applying heat through a hot water bottle preferably (heating pad will work in the moment) and keep it on for 30 minutes. You can repeat this nightly during active bleeding. This is also a really gentle practice to use during your menstrual cycle as well.


Yes I know this may go against a lot of recommendations to not drink when you are trying to get pregnant, but this was my essential tool for relaxation. Sometimes I needed to step back from all the efforts I was making to improve my health and fertility. A glass of red wine a night or two (okay, it was definitely two for me) was what I needed to detach from the outcome-which is HUGE when it comes to getting and staying pregnant. It is our natural essence to be present and allow the universe to let things unfold as they are meant to be, but when our ego's get in the way or our social pressures stop us from staying zen, a little bit of grape elixir may be just the thing you need to unwind. Again, I am NOT recommending drinking every night or more than one glass. I recommend having a glass 1-2 nights a week and truly savoring each sip. There are some incredible organic wineries out there who are serving the healthiest and cleanest versions possible. Check with your local wine stores for the best options available.

3) Collagen Peptides

My body needed some major nutrients after having back to back miscarriages. It is still quite up in the air and all over the place about how much protein a pregnant woman should have, but I had been a vegetarian for 10 years. After doing a lot of research and deciding what resonated best with me, I decided to slowly add in the best quality animal protein products I could find. Adding the vital proteins collagen peptides into my daily smoothy was exactly what my body needed for more energy and overall better health. It is truly a product that made me feel glowing on the inside and outside.

BONUS: The Mother Yourself First 21-Day Reset. I know this is a product I am selling, but this is truly the guide I wish my OB gave me when I left her office after I just had my ultrasound telling me by baby no longer had a heart beat. I was clueless to how I was going to wrap my mind around everything. This guide is truly created for women going through fertility struggles and motherhood challenges. Please give yourself the opportunity to heal and start mothering yourself first.

I hope these products help you create a game plan around your healing journey. If you are looking for more suggestions, listen to the MYF podcast to hear about more health tips other women used to improve their health and fertility.

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