The 3 items YOU need Postpartum

Did any one ever stop to think during their first pregnancy (or maybe even second or third) what YOU would actually need as the mother after birth? It seems like there is an immense amount of focus on all the things that your baby will need (and deserve) once they arrive, but as a new mother, you are expected to just live life as usual with a few extra pairs of mesh underwear. When did we stop preparing women for what THEY will need in those first few weeks and months as a mom and why do we not share more about it all?

When I became a mother for the first time, I thought if I had the swankiest bassinet and enough newborn onesies for 10 babies, I would be set. Like truly, the rest of the newborn phase for myself would be covered. I cringe, cry/laugh, and roll my eyes now thinking that I was that naive. And what is even worse, I truly consider myself a prepared, educated, informed person as a doctor of pharmacy and someone who always does her research. So how did I miss that I would need a whole cart of feminine care products to change my diaper or that I would be changing my pajamas every few hours from sweating/leaking through them or that I would be so tired and focused on my baby that I would need support from others to make sure I was staying alive and sane.

After going through and learning SO MUCH about the early postpartum period, I wanted to share the three products that every mom-to-be needs to buy for themselves ASAP! There are definitely more to share, which we go over in the Postpartum care plan list in our downloadable guide, but these are ones I love too much to not share right now!

  1. FridayBaby Mesh underwear-Yes, you can take some from the hospital, but for me, that became almost a full time job while in the hospital and honestly, it took away from the time I could have just been relaxing my mind or enjoying my baby. It was way to stressful to make sure I got all the underwear when you can just buy your own and stop stealing from the hospital :). These are incredible and so well made! You will want enough for at least two weeks (if not three) until you can switch over to either regular diapers or just using pads with your underwear. I went through about 2-4 per day depending on my flow.

  2. Kindred Bravely pajamas (nursing friends)-Whether you are nursing or not or pumping, these maternity friendly pajamas are the softest, easiest to use ever! Purchasing comfortable and well made pajamas for yourself is essential for those first few weeks when you are home a lot more and feeding constantly. I also found at night especially (it can be during the day for some) that I would wake up drenched in sweat and leaking breast milk and have to change my entire outfit. With laundry piling up, I wished I had a few extra pairs of pajamas that I could just change into and still feel refreshed and semi-put together.

  3. Food Train-This is something that is NECESSARY to ask for from your family or friends for the first few weeks postpartum. Either your own body or a bottle is feeding your baby, but who is feeding you and your partner? If you live somewhere with great take-out options that are healthy and nourishing, get them on speed dial. But if you don’t or know you don’t want take-out every day, when your family and friends ask what can they do for you, have them sign-up for a day to drop off a hot or frozen meal. I know it sounds small and kind of silly, but it will make the BIGGEST difference in your day to day routine if you know that you at least have food to keep you going. You can use online calendars like Calendly to even schedule everyone online so you don’t even need to keep track of who is taking what day. You will not be sorry about setting this up!

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