What I (don't) Know for Sure

-If I’ll ever understand my true purpose in life

-If wine is really the true essence of joy

-When I should stop giving my baby a bottle

-Why Netflix no longer has Friends

-Why I keep getting in my own way

-Why mother’s loose their children

-How each day love still finds a way through, even through the fear, it is always there

-If my anxiety is actually nerves or true excitement

-Why I keep trying to control the outcome of things I can’t control

-How I became a mother to a true angel

-When will my husband realize he cooks WAY more than I do

-Should I use dryer balls or dryer sheets for my laundry

-Will we always be in such turmoil

-Will face masks become an essential article of clothing

-Why we stress so much over things that truly don’t matter

-How my mother is always right

-Why I always crave a pizza at 10 o’clock at night (even if I just had one at 7pm that night)

-If all of my healthy efforts will allow me to live a better life

-If watching too many Bravo reality shows will rot my brain

-Why life can’t always unfold like a Hallmark Christmas movie with a happy ending

-Why we can’t all come together and bring peace to this world

-That a little extra screen time will decrease my child’s IQ while I take a 10 minute break

-If that really expensive eye cream is really going to keep me looking young 30 years from now

-If I meditate every day will all of my anger disappear

-Why women don’t share more about their struggles with fertility and postpartum

-How many other women are ready to change the conversation around our health and start finding solutions to improve our daily lives.

The ONE thing I know FOR SURE about my list of things I don’t know for sure is that they eventually have a way of working themselves out. Some are simple while some are a lifelong journey of seeing the reason behind it all. With all the tissues, wine and therapy involved for many of these questions. I have slowly started to see this is what we are here for-to detach from the known and become comfortable in the unknown. I have found that for me to walk this path of uncertainty, I need two things. One, a really good survival guide that allows me access to Amazon prime and two, a beautiful community of support from women, reminding us all that we are never alone on this voyage through life.



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