Why Women NEED Omega-3s to Live a Healthy Life

Omega3s are essential fatty acids we all need in our diet to help support our bodies in many ways. The two fatty acids we are focusing on are EPA & DHA, which are both essential to our diet and provide a lot of health benefits. Omega3s fuel your cells by allowing our bodies to absorb fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E & K) as well as form vital hormones for reproductive years and beyond, which is SO necessary to keep our hormones balanced and bodies feeling nourished. Omega3s also signal substances called eicosanoids, which inhibit inflammatory processes that are involved in a host of ailments and diseases including asthma, obesity, arthrities and infertility. And, if you are pregnant and breastfeed once your baby is born, omega3s are essential to babies brain and eye development! So, with all of these health benefits that omega3s provide, we need to make sure we are getting as much through our nutrition and supplementing when we can’t get the right foods into our day!

OMEGA-3s Provide Amazing Health Benefits:

~Fuel Your cells for more energy

~Decrease inflammation

~Can help improve your fertility

For any time in your health journey as a woman, including this fatty acid into your diet is the most important. Omega3s can be found in certain seafoods such as salmon (yum), tuna (watch the mercury content) and shrimp. If you’re not a big fan of fish, you can try adding more seaweed type products to your diet or supplement with one of my favorites-Spirulina. You can add spirulina to your smoothies or purchase it in capsule form. Chia seeds, hemp seeds and flax seeds are full of omegas so adding these to your smoothies, breakfast bowls or even salads is a super easy way to fill up on your essential fatty acids for the day! And if these foods just aren’t part of your typical daily diet, no worries! There are some incredible Omega3s supplements out there, my favorite recommendation being Nordic Naturals. They make an omega3 supplement (with Vitamin D that I recommend) for any time during your health journey, one for pregnancy and lactation, and they make some incredible drops for your infant if you need to add it to their bottle. Plus, if you don’t eat fish and want to keep your supplements plant-based, Nordic Naturals has a really great algae supplement that has the omega3s that you need!

Best Sources of Omega3s:

~Salmon, tuna, herring, or shrimp

~Seaweed and algae including spriulina

~Chia, hemp, & flax seeds

If you want more information on why you need omega3s in your life or want any specific recommendations, just reach out to me on the website or Instagram, and we can set up a 1:1 consultation for all the supplements you need in your life!

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