Why your Stress Levels may go Down during this global crisis

Yes, I said it. During one of the most stressful times for our world, I actually truly believe your stress levels can DECREASE right now. How is that possible?!? I know, it sounds crazy, but during this time when many of us are forced to be truly PRESENT in our lives, it allows us to focus on the things we can control. This ability to focus on the things we can control allows us to feel safe and comforted, which helps reduce stress hormones and leaves us feeling happier and calmer. So, how do you stay present when you don’t know the outcome of the future? Well, we actually live that way every day, so this is such an important time to get tuned into what makes us feel less stressed and more aware and live.

1) Find 5-10 minutes every day to meditate/recite positive affirmations/gratitude journal-Allowing your mind to come to a state of calm and peace will let your body relax and release stress immediately. My favorites are from Gabby Bernstein who right now is sharing a ton of beautiful content to help us all stay well and feel good right now.

2) If you can take a hot shower or hot bath everyday, do it! Being in water is a stress reducer and helps you focus on just pampering yourself. Add in some essential oils like lavender or Epsom salts, and remember, taking care of yourself is essential in order to take care of others so don’t feel guilty for taking a little time to relax! Oh yea, a glass of wine some nights in the bath just may increase that relaxation factor too ;).

3) Being present-Just going with the flow day by day helps us focus on just that day and removes anxiety that we may have about the future or sadness we may have from the past because we just don’t have time to think about anything else! It is SO EASY to get caught up in planning for the future, especially when it involves our health or fertility. We can choose to see this time right now in a different light other than fear and uncertainty. We can choose to see it as the ability to focus on our health right now, today, and feel good right now.

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